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About Us

Floating Origin Interactive is a newly formed game development studio based in the United Kingdom, headed by Felipe Falanghe (aka HarvesteR), creator and former Lead Developer of the original Kerbal Space Program.


Founded on a mindset of true indie development, we strive to develop new and daring ideas that will take gaming where no game has gone before.

KitHack Model Club

KitHack Model Club is the evolution of Balsa, developed along with publisher Curve Games.

Featuring a 9X larger map, hundreds of new parts, and improvements to every aspect of the game, compared to its predecessor, KitHack Model Club is the ultimate RC-building sandbox. Here you can build not just aircraft, but also cars, boats, submarines, rockets, and any combination you can imagine.

KitHack Model Club is available on Steam Early Access.


BALSA Model Flight Simulator

Balsa is the first game to be developed at Floating Origin. It is a unique and detailed Model Flight Simulator with a powerful editor where you can design, build, fly and battle with model aircraft. 


Powered by a sophisticated physics simulation and built from the ground up for Multiplayer, Balsa takes the next step in player-built flight simulation games, delivering an entirely new, multi-genre experience for virtual pilots of all skill levels.

Balsa is no longer available as it evolved into KitHack Model Club. All players who purchased Balsa originally have now received their copy of KitHack for free.

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